Natural Health Education Programs to Improve Your Health

Primal Labs™ has published several simple programs to educate readers in the latest research on a variety of health interest

  • The Blood Pressure Solution: A Comprehensive Approach to Targeting
    the Underlying Causes of Hypertension and Controlling Your Blood
    Pressure Naturally

    By Dr. Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS Nutrition

    Have you ever wondered why you have to keep taking blood pressure medication if your blood pressure never actually gets any better? Now in its second edition, Dr. Merritt’s bestselling book examines the flaws in the medical industry’s handling of blood pressure, guiding readers toward natural solutions that have worked for thousands of satisfied customers who saw:

    • Hidden dangers of common blood pressure drugs that do more harm than good
    • Specific foods and easy exercises that will change your blood pressure
    • Simple lifestyle changes that will make a positive impact on your numbers
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  • Smart Blood Sugar: The Complete System to Naturally Balance Blood
    Sugar and Prevent or Reverse Diabetes Without Drugs

    By Dr. Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS Nutrition

    If you have been told that you will have to live with out-of-control blood sugar levels for the rest of your life, you have most likely been told wrong. In the face of all of the widely accepted conclusions about blood sugar, Dr. Merritt’s groundbreaking research reopens the discussion, exposes myths, and offers readers the real keys to healthy blood sugar like:

    • Rethinking the food pyramid and understanding the unhealthy politics behind it
    • Adding a certain nutrient back to your diet that companies took out of our foods
    • Exercise that promotes blood sugar metabolism rather than weight loss alone
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  • The Unbreakable Brain: Shield Your Brain from Cognitive Decline for Life

    By Dr. Will Mitchell, DOM, MS Nutrition

    One of the biggest fears we all have about growing older is that we will slowly lose control of our cognitive functions. Memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease all threaten to disrupt our quality of life, but Dr. Mitchell has cracked the code to keep our brains functioning at their highest level for the rest of our lives, and it’s really as simple as:

    • Knowing the exact nutrients you need to keep your brain properly nourished
    • Equipping your brain with the right tools to repair and prevent future damage
    • A 28-Day Plan to improve brain function and avoid Alzheimer’s and dementia
    Click here if you’re ready take control of your brain
  • The Joint Pain Solution: A Breakthrough Method to Ending Joint
    Pain Naturally from the Gut

    Forget the creams, heating pads, and medicated patches—all those things might ease joint pain, but they won’t end it. If you want to know how to actually stop your joints from hurting, the answer is not from outside, but from inside. Dr. Rodier’s breakthrough method dives into the actual causes of joint discomfort to relieve it at its source by:

    • Restoring communication between every cell in your body with the right
    • nutritional fuel
    • Reducing inflammation by calming all of the healthy bacteria in your gut
    • Rethinking the way you eat to remodel gut flora towards a better balance
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  • Longevity Secrets: How to Grow Younger at Any Age – The Scientific,
    Step-By-Step, Anti-Aging Doctor’s Guide for Turning Back the Clock

    By Dr. Eric Wood, NMD, MA, LAch

    Did you know that your body is actually younger than whatever is written on your birth certificate? Forget about numbers. You can look and feel your body’s real age by changing up some unhealthy patterns. Dr. Wood’s anti-aging guide explores the reasons for rapid aging in modern society and teaches us how to age backwards with only:

    • A solid foundation of nutritious food, lively activity, and healthy lifestyle choices
    • A few vitamins and minerals that your body has slowly lost over the years
    • A four step strategy for preserving and elongating the integrity of your DNA
    Click here to start turning back your clock
  • The Metabolic Fix: A 3-Phase System for Repairing a
    Broken Metabolism and Healing Sick Fat Cells

    By Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS®

    While most diet plans normally just tell you what to eat and what to do, The Metabolic Fix teaches us how to fix our diet rather than simply going on “a diet.” A registered dietician and personal trainer, Jayson is able to tell us what works and why it will work like it has for all of his clients. You’ll learn:

    • How your metabolism was broken, and how so-called “diets” never really helped
    • How to reverse years of damage to your metabolic flexibility in 58 days
    • How to make real plans that you will actually follow to fix dysfunctional fat cells

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  • Perfect Meal Plans

    Monthly Subscription

    As Primal Labs™’ premier monthly publication, Perfect Meal Plans really is the perfect complement to each of our publications and as a stand-alone guide to eating foods with the perfect macronutrient ratio. Each month we feature four weeks’ worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes—all designed to satisfy your hunger and perfectly balance your diet. You’ll get:

    • Delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that your family and friends will love
    • An all-inclusive weekly shopping list to save you time at the store
    • Exclusive access to our amazing weekly cooking videos and informative bi-
    • weekly health reports
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