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Each of our specially crafted formulas is developed through a rigorous process to target specific health interests

  • HeartZest™ and CardioRelax AO™

    This powerful combination has been specifically designed to work together to help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Between the vital nutrients in HeartZest™ and the superior antioxidant protection in CardioRelax AO™, we are certain that this duo will keep your blood flow at optimal levels. People who use this 2-part solution can look forward to:

    • 7 vital nutrients that help maintain healthy and flexible arteries and promote healthy blood flow
    • 9 antioxidants that help support healthy blood flow through the tiniest capillaries in your body’s major organs
    • 1 special ingredient that activates nitric oxide in your blood stream and gets things moving
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  • CogniForce™

    Keeping your brain healthy is incredibly important as you age, and properly nourishing it is vitally important for having a lively and active mind as the years go by. CogniForce™ is an absolutely essential brain-feeding combination of vitamins and nutrients if you want faster memory recall, heightened awareness, and enhanced concentration with:

    • L-thealine to increase “feel-good” brain-waves to keep you relaxed, alert, and clear
    • 9 antioxidants that help support healthy blood flow through the tiniest capillaries in your body’s major organs
    • Ginkgo Leaf Extract has been linked with increased blood flow to your brain
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  • Triflexarin™

    Do you ever wake up in the morning after a hard day with your joints feeling so stiff that you can barely get out of bed? Does just the thought of your child or grandchild asking for a piggyback make you wince? In just 7 days, you can help support your joints with these simple ingredients:

    • FruiteX-B®, with its active ingredient, boron, works to support joint tissue
    • A unique mixture of collagen and selenium to shield your joints from inflammation
    • Tri-Exa™, a blend of ginger, boswellia, and turmeric to promote joint comfort
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  • DuOmega 3&7™

    You’ve probably been told time and again about the innumerable health benefits of Omega-3, but did you know that without Omega-7, Omega-3 alone will not be nearly as beneficial? This is something scientists are only now starting to figure out, and we’re proud to have this leading edge product featured in our store. Try it if you’re looking to:

    • Give your skin, respiratory system, circulatory system, brain, and organs the best nutritional support
    • Support healthy arteries, blood sugar, cholesterol, inflammation, and brain health
    • Ditch the fishy taste and/or smell of your current fish oil supplement
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  • GlucoBurn™

    With it's precise blend of 4 powerful ingredients, GlucoBurn™ is capable of mimicking your body’s insulin by clearing glucose from your bloodstream. With ingredients shown in clinical trials to support healthy blood sugar, feel free to enjoy the occasional treat and keep your blood sugar healthy with the help of this combination:

    • White Mulberry Leaf extract to block enzymes that convert complex carbs into sugar
    • GS4 PLUS®, a gymnema sylvestre leaf extract, supports the cellular uptake of glucose
    • GlucoHelp™, a Banaba leaf extract coupled with Alpha-Lipoic Acid to help clear glucose from your bloodstream
    Find out how to support healthy blood sugar levels here!
  • Smash-It!™

    If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage your weight, support healthy blood pressure, and maintain healthy blood sugar, your search is over. Smash-It!™ is a delicious, high-protein, nutrient infused shake, with antioxidants, probiotics, fiber, and enzymes – all designed to help you get leaner, healthier, and stronger. Here is just some of what Smash-It!™ has to offer:

    • QuadSource™ Protein Blend of whey, casein, pea, and cranberry seed proteins to curb unhealthy cravings
    • Clinically-studied Spectra™ blend of 29 fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices
    • Two gut-soothing blends of probiotics and enzymes, plus fiber to aid digestion and enhance immune function/li>
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  • T-Supply Max™

    Formulated specifically to support Healthy Male Sexual Function, T-Supply Max™ provides a safe and natural way to boost your testosterone, increase cGMP and cAMP levels, and support healthy blood flow to your penis. This is the perfect solution for men over 50 who have noticed a drop in their energy and/or sex drive because it contains:

    • LJ100® extracted from Jack root to stimulate your body to naturally produce its own testosterone
    • Ana Test™, a Bulbine natalensis extract shown to increase testosterone levels in just two weeks
    • Virilast®, which combines six herbs clinically shown to increase sexual desire, performance, and satisfaction/li>
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